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Shadaux was founded in September 1998.  It is owned and operated by [javascript unavailable: Clifford <csj at shadaux dot com>] and Martha Skevos-Jones, and is a registered sole proprietorship in the State of Florida, licensed to do business in Jacksonville, Florida.

Our first online design was launched May 23, 1994 — a dial-up BBS in the San Francisco area called "Luminance" which ran on the DOS-based Major BBS platform.  Luminance was an ambitious project with sizeable e-text, photo, and art libraries, news, discussion fora, and local email.  The 14.4 modem was new and graphics "pixels" were the size of characters.  It wasn't easy to combine economy of file size with visual appeal, but Luminance's attractive design and easily navigated structure won praise from other sysops.  Awareness of economy, appeal, and navigation was deeply engrained by that first experience — it remains just as relevant today.