We believe in the potential of the Internet and the World Wide Web to unite humanity, to overcome the barriers of geography, nationality, racial and cultural differences, and ultimately, those of language and economics.  The Internet facilitates our status as world citizens.

But the mechanics of communication alone cannot bring about unity, for unity is a condition of the soul, of the heart, which recognizes each human being, regardless of exterior circumstances, as an equally important creature due the same rights, freedoms, and respect as ourselves.  Unity requires seeing and speaking the truth, it requires justice between neighbors, it requires acceptance and respect for differences, and it requires compassion and love.

We are particularly interested in lending our talents and skills to web projects, large or small in scope, commercial or non-profit, that deal with the following areas of concern and related interests:

Human Rights

Cultural, Social & Economic Development

The Environment

Cross and Multicultural Unity

Our services do not  include:

Internet access (as yet);
Legal, tax, or financial advice.

We reserve the right to refuse service for any Web project, including projects which promote hatred of any group, violate intellectual property rights, involve any illegal activity, pornography, gambling, the promotion or sale of firearms, email spam, or activity that impairs the use of the Internet by others.