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Non-commercial & WMBE clients, please see discount information.

The following explains the rules of thumb for calculating our rates.  You may use these figures to derive a ballpark idea of how much a project may cost.  Except for Maintenance Subscription prices, actual prices may be higher or lower than what is shown here depending on the complexity of a given assignment and other factors.

Rates are subject to change without notice.  Please re-visit this page for most recent rate information.

  Web Page Design & Build

Primary1 Secondary2
Standard Page $100.00 $60.00
Dynamic Page $100.00 $60.00
Minor Page $30.00 n/a
Photo preparation each $10.00 n/a
Miscellaneous & Text Graphics subsumed n/a
1 Primary designs may include support elements & files of various kinds.
2 Secondary pages are patterned closely on a primary design and re-use primary support elements.

  Custom Programming

Database $80.00 / hour
Java, JavaScript, ActionScript, PHP, PERL $80.00 / hour

  Custom Artwork / Animation / Media

Logos get quote (usually min. 3 hrs @ $80/hr)
Banner Ads get quote (usually min. 3 hrs @ $80/hr)
Digital Photography3 $20 per image
DHTML / GIF Animation get quote (usually min. 3 hrs @ $80/hr)
Flash Animation $600 per minute of run time
3D Animation get quote
Other Artwork / Media get quote
3 Jacksonville, Florida area only.

  Updates / Maintenance

Standard, Dynamic, Minor pages $20.00 / ¼ hour
Database / Programming $20.00 / ¼ hour
Miscellaneous $20.00 / ¼ hour
Technical Support gratis

  Maintenance Subscriptions

A maintenance subscription provides reduced hourly maintenance and new page rates, and scheduled link-checking.  Maintenance time purchased through subscription can be applied to any website changes or additions except new custom creatives and new programming.  Up to ½ of unused hours per month may be rolled over to the next month – not cumulative.

Active Web sites require frequent additions and changes of pages, graphics, code, and/or architecture.  Maintenance subscriptions are usually not recommended for relatively static web sites, such as brochure-type web sites.
Hours per month 3 mo. 6 mo. 12 mo.
2 hours (Light) $360.00
(savings:  $120
8 hours (Standard) $1440.00
(savings:  $480
16 hours (Premium) $2880.00
(savings:  $960
Subscriptions periods are 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month duration.  You may subscribe for any number of hours from 2 - 16 per month.  Subscription rates are 75% of normal rates.  Non-profit & WMBE discounts apply.

Schedule your maintenance for a specific day or days each month!  By scheduling, you will have our undivided attention during those days for the hours of your subscription.  This also helps you better plan updates and send them in batches, which in turn helps us organize our work schedule — and saves us time and saves you money.  And, you will better know when to expect your updates to appear on your Web site.