Non-Profit & WMBE Discounts

Non-profit Discounts:

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Design Rates
Maintenance Subscriptions

Non-profit organizations and individual non-commercial Web projects (Web sites) may qualify for a 50% discount on all Web design and maintenance services including maintenance subscriptions.  (See Design Rates page.)  Qualification for non-profit discount rates is at our discretion.  Environmental, humanitarian, social justice, educational, fine art, and similar projects will be considered.  See our Philosophy page for a better idea of the kinds of projects we favor.

Small Business WMBE Discount:

If you are the sole owner of your small business and you feel that you are at an economic disadvantage because of gender or race prejudice, you may request a 50% discount (WMBE discount) on all Web design and maintenance services, including maintenance subscriptions.  (See Design Rates page.)

Otherwise, qualification for the WMBE discount requires that

  1. your small business is at least 50% controlled by women or members of racial minorities, and
  2. the business is at an economic disadvantage because of race or gender prejudice.

"Small business," for this purpose, means a total payroll of 30 persons or less.  "Members of racial minorities," for this purpose, are people who identify themselves as of significant non-European descent.  When counting percentages of control of a business, women of color should be counted only once.

Some examples:


We cannot extend more than one discount to any one Web project (Web site).  We cannot offer Web hosting discounts at this time.

Discounts are not granted automatically.  We will ask if you want them.  If you tell us that you don't want them, we won't give them.  Be fair; if you don't think you need it, don't accept it.  (We need to make money too.)

Discounts are available only to individuals, organizations, and businesses within the United States.

The Shadaux WMBE discount has nothing to do with any government program.  We think that offering the discount is the right thing to do.